Guidelines for Organising Woking 50+ walks

These guidelines were produced so that Woking 50+ can be shown to organize Covid-safe walks. They are based on those produced by the Rambler’s Association. Follow the links at for more information, in particular Ramblers Restart (on, How to restart group walks in a COVID-secure way (local copy of PDF file) and Taking part in COVID-safe walks (local copy of PDF file). 

Obviously they are guidelines only and should be varied to take into account specific conditions of each walk, bearing in mind the principle that all Woking 50+ Walks must be as safe as possible.


Walks Coordinator (This is currently Hilary Thomas)

About two months prior to a walk date appoint a walk leader who is happy to lead a walk, ensuring that neither they nor any of their family have any Covid-19 symptoms. Be prepared to find and use a substitute leader if this subsequently changes.

Ensure that the walk leader is familiar with these guidelines. Ensure that the walk leader is happy with the number of walkers that will be permitted to join the walk.

Publish a walk information sheet (produced by the walk leader) three or four weeks prior to the walk.

When publishing the sheet:

  • Emphasise that the number of attendees has to be limited to 30, or whatever has been decided with the walk leader.
  • State that attendees must pre-book a place on the walk with the Walks Coordinator.
  • Emphasise that if they or any of their family have any Covid-19 symptoms then they should not attend and that they should notify the Walks Coordinator if such symptoms develop before the walk.
  • Emphasise that all those taking part in the walk do so completely at their own risk and that no liability will attach to the 50+ club, its officers or any other members.

Keep a record of the contact details of those that attended the walk for three weeks after the walk to assist with the NHS ‘Track & Trace’ system if necessary.


Walk Leader

Decide on a route for a walk:

  • Find a route that is about five miles for a daytime walk (10:00 to 13:00) or three miles for an evening walk (17:00 to 19:00).
  • Ensure there is suitable parking at the start.
  • Ensure that there is a reasonable area for a coffee stop on daytime walk that enables social distancing to be maintained.
  • Ensure that the walk is not too strenuous for 50+ member bearing in mind that most participants are over 70 years old.

About six weeks before the walk date:

  • Walk the route to check it is OK.
  • Count the number of stiles – try to keep this low.
  • Make a note of any short cuts or particularly narrow paths.
  • Do a risk assessment - see the Woking 50+ Club Walk Risk Assessment Guidance and the Woking 50+ Walk Risk Assessment Sheet (MS Doc or PDF). Plan on keeping this sheet for 12 months.
  • Draw up a walk information sheet which should be similar to previous walk sheets (see the example sheet, for the walk on 26th August 2020, Chinthurst & Shalford). Add any notes/warnings etc that the risk assessment has indicated should be included.
  • Pass the walk information sheet as a Word Document file to the Walks Coordinator for publication.

Near the date of the walk:

  • Walk the route again to check it is still OK.
  • Prepare some notes for making a ‘safety announcement’ at the start of the walk. This should be similar to:
    • I need to make a number of safety announcements, many of which you will think are obvious, but please pay attention.
    • If you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 please go home now and get yourself tested and let Hilary know the result.
    • If you show any symptoms of Covid-19 in the next week please get yourself tested and let Hilary know the result.
    • At all times, and especially when walking and waiting for others, please ensure you socially distance, i.e. stay at least two metres (six feet) apart from each other and any others we meet on the walk.
    • We will walk along some paths that are quite narrow in places - we need to be especially careful there.
    • Don’t forget that there is a very small risk that you can pick up the virus by touching a gate or other similar surface.
    • Remember - don’t touch your face until you have washed your hands and/or sanitised them.
    • Finally - wash your hands and/or sanitise them as soon as you can after the walk.
    • The walk is mainly level and on footpaths but we need to be especially careful when crossing the four main roads and the two railway level crossings.
    • The coffee stop will be about halfway round, on Shalford Common.

If you or any of your family get any Covid-19 symptoms before the walk, please let the Walks Coordinator know and withdraw from leading the walk.

On the day of the walk:

  • Ensure that you have the following with you:
    • Face mask or covering, for wearing if necessary
    • Gloves, for wearing if necessary
    • Mobile phone
    • First Aid Kit
    • Some water
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Hi-vis jacket, if necessary.
  • Make the safety announcement at the start of the walk.
  • Point out any hazards on the walk as they occur.
  • Be vigilant all the time and especially when on or crossing roads.
  • Ensure that all walkers are socially distancing but not getting left behind.

After the walk:

  • Ensure the Walks Coordinator has a correct list of all those who attended the walk.